Find accommodation in Kuusamo,
the most beautiful area of Finland.

We offer a variety of accommodation in everything from simple cabins to fully equipped comfortable houses. 
You can choose between different activities including trekking, fishing, bicycling, kayaking, hunting, snowmobiling, dogsled tours, snowshoe walks, birdwatching etc. Tell us your wishes and we suggest a suitable program. To avoid extra costs you can then be in direct contact with the locals who provide these activities. 
You arrive at Pukariour ”flagship”, on the Russian border 40 kilometers from Kuusamo airport. We can accommodate 50 people, around 20 in the main building and up to 30 in a semidetached house. You check in at your comfortable quarters and get some rest after the journey. The next morning your adventures begin. 
Summertime we recommend two or three days trekking along the borderzone,  two days bicycling on dirt roads with almost no traffic and two days of kayaking. Maybe an evening of bear watching from a safe hut. 
Wintertime a day of cross country skiing, maybe a day of snowmobiling, a day of snowshoe walks, a day of ice fishing and a day on a reindeer farm and some hours in a dogsled. Don’t forget the Northern lights in a sky free from any light pollution from towns or streetlights. We also arrange snowmobile trips including ice fishing to the Russian side of the border (visas required) 
On top of this you have Ruka the best skiing place in Finland only three quarters of an hour away. There you can take part in whitewater rafting, flyfishing and numerous other activities. 
If you feel confident enough you can choose accommodation only and roam the wilderness at your own speed, pick berries and mushrooms and enjoy the silence. You’ll see a lot of different birds and mammals, reindeer and moose being frequent. The border zone is well marked so there is no danger of ending up in Russia. 
If you’ld like to stay a bit closer to people we have got Olokolo, a fully equipped modern log cabin seven kilometers from the town of Kuusamo in the direction of Ruka ski center (19km). Olokolo sleeps 10 people plus 3 in a loft (steep ladder) 
For groups over ten people we can arrange full catering. Our partners prepare excellent food from local produce, reindeer, moose, salmon, whitefish etc. not to forget delicious arctic berries. 
For the really adventurous we have got two small cabins Hepomaja and Toivola with only basic cooking facilities and outdoor loos in the middle of nowhere. 
Feel free to contact us. We’ll try our best to make your holiday a great one.